XMetaL Author Enterprise XML Editor

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The XML editor solution for consistently higher-value, timely global content that creates loyal customers and efficient, compliant business processes. XMetaL Author Enterprise helps you get to market faster by bringing structure and automation to the process of content creation. Using XML standards such as the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), XMetaL enables authors to re-purpose higher-value information products into the myriad of languages and formats your customers demand.Used standalone or integrated with virtually any content management system, XMetaL helps even non-technical writers to create reusable content without needing to be proficient in XML—and ensures that the process of content creation contributes to the timely market release of products worldwide.

Highlights of New Features in XMetaL Author Enterprise 12.0

The 12.0 release is packed with new features including:

  • DITA Subject Scheme-configured authoring experience
    • Authoring experience automatically recognizes Subject Scheme map referenced in DITA map
    • Controlled values appear in the main Attribute Inspector pane and Map Editor Attribute Inspector panes
    • Document validation reports attribute values not allowed by the subject scheme
  • More table editing features for custom table models (previously available only for HTML and CALS tables)
    • Built-in Sort and Fill operations
    • Split and merge cell operations
    • Operations on multi-cell selections
  • New and improved Conditional Text features
    • Modify conditional text settings directly within the software
    • Attach a collection of conditional text settings to a particular DTD
    • Create groups of settings akin to groupings in your DITAVAL files
  • XMetaL Navigator window
    • Move keyboard focus easily between all documents and tool windows
    • Ctrl+Tab shortcut for switching windows
  • Map Editor support for <topicset> and <topicsetref>
    • First-class support for creating <topicset> and <topicsetref> in DITA maps
    • UI to aid in selecting a target <topicset> ID
  • Improved Map Editor keyboard accessibility
    • Tab to move through the various parts of the Map Editor and its adjoining Attribute Inspector
    • Space to invoke a toolbar widget when it has focus
    • Common shortcuts for other actions such as Undo/Redo/Cut/Copy/Paste
  • DITA Open Toolkit updates
    • DITA Open Toolkit v2.4.3 release included; enabled by default
    • DITA OT 2.2.4 and 2.0 also included for customers requiring older versions

Promote Content Reuse for Greater Quality and Consistency

  • Locate, reference, and reuse content from file systems or content repositories for consistency across the enterprise
  • Publish XML content directly from the author’s desktop to a variety of customer-facing output formats including PDF, EPUB, Kindle, HTML, online help systems and more
  • Leverage XMetaL’s extensible publishing framework – a scalable, low-cost alternative to proprietary publishing systems
  • Integrate authoring with virtually any repositories, content management systems (CMS) or source control systems in your organization with XMetaL Connector

Leverage Best Practices in Topic-based Authoring

  • First authoring software with full DITA support, including visualization and advanced editing for better control of content presentation
  • Help authors write with reuse in mind with a familiar, topic-oriented user interface designed specifically for authoring of DITA content
  • Minimize development and maintenance costs by automatically generating authoring configurations for DITA specializations