XMetaL Developer

Tailor XML authoring to fit your organization.Set the stage for success for your writers! Customize XMetaL Author and XMAX to best suit the people who will use them — resulting in greater user adoption and higher productivity. XMetaL Developer provides flexibility in customization and deployment to optimize the environment to reflect the natural work style of your users.

XMetaL Developer is a tool for fast configuration of XML content authoring solutions that combines best-in-class development tools in a robust and flexible Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Based on Microsoft Visual Studio® with support for standard scripting languages, XMetaL Developer will help your programmers become immediately productive and focus efforts on creative problem solving and value-add innovation.

Key Benefits

  • Build and configure highly productive authoring interfaces
  • Use common scripting languages for faster configuration
  • Open architecture and standards-based approach minimizes developer learning curve

Feature Highlights: Faster Author & Developer Productivity

Build Highly Productive Authoring Interfaces

  • Extend XMetaL Author in the Resource Manager with integrations into external systems, such as workflow, content management, and other enterprise applications
  • Style the authoring interface in XMetaL Author or XMAX with standard CSS to aid readability and navigation
  • Define custom menus, toolbars, and keyboard macros for XMetaL Author or XMAX to maximize author productivity and usability

Jump-Start Development

  • Use the smart configuration generator to automatically generate customization files
  • Leverage sample applications and scripts as a starting point for development

Tailor the Development Platform

  • Personalize the entire XMetaL Developer environment to complement unique preferences and work style
  • Simplify the workspace, style sheet editor, script editors, and the entire framework, and set the script language, toolbars and interfaces with feature enabling/disabling

Faster Development Productivity

  • Over 1,000 documented interfaces through COM or Java
  • Common scripting languages such as Jscript, VBScript, Perl, Python
  • Leverage Microsoft Visual Studio’s script and schema/DTD editing facilities, proactively validating syntax, flagging code errors to test scripts on-the-fly
  • Drag-and-drop GUI creation enables faster customization
  • Use wizards to guide you step-by-step through key tasks
  • Code and debug on the fly
  • Validate with constant checks during project creation

Leverage Enterprise Information

  • Enable authors to submit complex queries (such as table joins) that import enterprise database information into their documents
  • Supports structured content as CALS or HTML tables or as semantically tagged XML

Promote Standards-Based Excellence

  • Choose the schema language that best meets your needs: load W3C XML Schema, XML DTDs, or SGML DTDs
  • Reliably script sophisticated manipulations for your XML content with a standards-compliant Document Object Model (DOM) implementation