XMetaL Author Enterprise - SP Edition

Bring the Efficiency of XML and DITA to your SharePoint Implementation.

Hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide have adopted Microsoft® SharePoint® to provide secure collaboration support and content management. SharePoint helps accelerate and more clearly define shared business processes and facilitates more productive use and sharing of information, using a platform familiar to a company’s IT professionals and developers. With XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint, you can use XML to manage your content even more effectively.

Many companies are turning to XML, and in particular to a variety of XML named the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). Among the available technologies for creating and storing content, XML is the gold standard for scalable content reuse, robust support for all languages, and clean output to multiple deliverables. With XML, you can replace error-prone and expensive copy/paste processes with modern “write once, use in many places” reuse strategies. With SharePoint, you gain a consolidated platform for creating, sharing, reusing, and distributing XML content, in any language or format.

Together, XMetaL Author Enterprise and SharePoint offer a comprehensive content lifecycle solution that enables you to harness the value of your organization’s information assets and lower the cost of content creation by making content more readily available for reuse.

Feature Highlights

Access and Reuse Content from your SharePoint Libraries

  • Deliver consistent content faster by assembling reusable, topic-based DITA content in multiple deliverables. Write a piece of content once, and then check it into a SharePoint library to enable team members across the world to reuse it.

Support Collaboration and Sharing with Check-in/Check-out

  • When you use XMetaL Author Enterprise to open a document, it is automatically checked out from SharePoint to ensure that other users cannot accidentally make conflicting changes to the document, and cached on your local machine so you can work with it offline. After making changes, you can check the new version of the file directly back into SharePoint without leaving the XMetaL Author Enterprise user interface.

Take Advantage of SharePoint-based Security

  • With XMetaL Author Enterprise, take full advantage of SharePoint user-management and permissions features to control who can view and edit your organization’s most critical content. All this happens seamlessly, with XMetaL reading up-to-date permissions settings from SharePoint automatically.

Create DITA Deliverables Effortlessly

  • Through XMetaL’s integration with the DITA Open Toolkit, you can preview output on your desktop and generate production-quality HTML, PDF, and online help using simple menu commands—even if the source files are stored across multiple SharePoint libraries. Most importantly, XMetaL accurately processes links, conrefs, and all other types of references within and between documents, no matter how often team members have updated and checked in new document versions.

    XMetaL DITA solutions support DITA specializations, and content is continually validated to conform to the rules of your version of DITA to enforce your own business rules. An XMetaL solution grows with you as your needs change — you can start with out-of-the-box base DITA and add specializations whenever you choose.

Work with Any DTD or XML Schema

  • In addition to DITA, XMetaL and its integrations with content management systems can be configured to support arbitrary XML Schema (XSDs) and DTDs.

Easy deployment for low IT risk

  • XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint is designed to communicate directly with the SharePoint server via the SharePoint’s SOAP interface. Everything needed to enable XML authoring with SharePoint is installed on the local machines of the authors who need it. As there is no installation or additional configuration required on the SharePoint server, there is no added risk to your SharePoint implementation, and your IT staff can continue to maintain SharePoint as they always have.