XMetaL Author Enterprise – SP Edition

Bring the Efficiency of XML and DITA to your SharePoint Implementation.

Hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide have adopted Microsoft® SharePoint® to provide secure collaboration support and content management. SharePoint helps accelerate and more clearly define shared business processes and facilitates more productive use and sharing of information, using a platform familiar to a company’s IT professionals and developers. With XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint, you can use XML to manage your content even more effectively.

Many companies are turning to XML, and in particular to a variety of XML named the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). Among the available technologies for creating and storing content, XML is the gold standard for scalable content reuse, robust support for all languages, and clean output to multiple deliverables. With XML, you can replace error-prone and expensive copy/paste processes with modern “write once, use in many places” reuse strategies. With SharePoint, you gain a consolidated platform for creating, sharing, reusing, and distributing XML content, in any language or format.

Together, XMetaL Author Enterprise and SharePoint offer a comprehensive content lifecycle solution that enables you to harness the value of your organization’s information assets and lower the cost of content creation by making content more readily available for reuse.

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Feature Highlights

Access and Reuse Content from your SharePoint Libraries

Support Collaboration and Sharing with Check-in/Check-out

Take Advantage of SharePoint-based Security

Create DITA Deliverables Effortlessly

Work with Any DTD or XML Schema

Easy deployment for low IT risk