Privacy Statement

Our Company (“We”) recognizes the significance of personal information and is committed to the following:

  1. We have established our own policy in handling information concerning your personal data (“Personal Information”), and are committed to protect your Personal Information.
  2. We will advise you, when we need to collect your Personal Information from you, of the purpose of collection, and collect such Personal Information only to the extent as necessary.
  3. We will use your Personal Information only within the scope of the purpose of collection, manage such Personal Information in an appropriate manner, and in no way disclose or provide such Personal Information to a third party except under exceptional circumstances.
  4. We will keep your Personal Information accurate and up-to-date, and take measures to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, loss, corruption, falsification or divulgation.
  5. When we contract the processing of Personal Information to an outside party, we will bind such party to the non-disclosure or non-redistribution obligation by way of contract, and will oblige such party to implement appropriate management of Personal Information.
  6. We will keep any Personal Information received from an outsourcer under strict control, and use such Personal Information within the scope stipulated in the contract.
  7. We will promptly deal with your request for confirmation, correction or otherwise of your Personal Information in a reasonable scope subject to your notice given to our contact address for you.
  8. We will abide by any law, ordinance, rule or regulation applicable to any Personal Information under our control, and will maintain and improve each of the above commitments as well as the prevention and protection activities.

* Please contact [email protected] for more information concerning this Privacy Statement.


Handling of Personal Information under Individual Services

  1. We will use your Personal Information for the purposes of providing our services to you and for using the same in relation to business administration purposes performed within our organization, only to the extent appropriate for provision of such services (as long as the purpose of use is clarified for each service, then we will use your Personal Information only for such purpose). By way of example, any Personal Information received by us in receiving a question, request, request for brochure, response to questionnaire, or participation in the campaign from you will be used for responding to your question or request or for sending a prize of from a campaign, as well as for use in our business activities by compiling such data in a form not including any Personal Information; we will, however, in no way disclose your Personal Information without your permission, nor will we use your Personal Information for any purpose, needless to say, for disclosing it to any third party other than the stipulated purposes.
  2. Your Personal Information may be delivered to our contractor to the extent authorized for use.
  3. Please contact each individual contact address established for each service for more information concerning Personal Information, but if no contact information is provided, then contact [email protected].



Our website protects your Personal Information by adopting the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. As long as you access our website by using browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or otherwise equipped with certain security functions, your Personal Information including your name, address or telephone number will be automatically encrypted upon transmission. Therefore, the valuable information will be protected even if a third party intercepts the transmission data.

If you try to access our website by using a browser not equipped with SSL, then you may not access or input certain information within the website.

* Please be advised that you may not be able to use certain services due to the versions of certain browsers.

You may confirm on your browser if the security protocol is “on”. If the “key” icon displayed in the lower bar of your browser is locked, then your security function is “on”. Your access to our website is protected under the security protocol. Please be advised, however, depending on the construction of the web pages, the “key” icon may not seem locked even if the security function is “on”.


Access Log or Access history

Your access to our website is recorded in the form of an access log. The access log may consist of your domain name, IP address, the type of browser you use, the date and time of access and so on, but usually it does not consist of any information that can identify a particular individual. Access log may be used for maintenance purposes or for the purposes of statistical analysis concerning the website usage, but will not be used for any other purpose.

We use the access log collection and analysis service provided by a third party service provider. Some pages of our website contain web beacons to deliver access information to the server at the service provider. More specifically, when you access such pages, your access log is recorded as an anonymous access log on the server computer, and cookies associated with web beacons are delivered onto your computer. You can also set your browser to turn off cookies. If you do so, however, some web pages may fail to work properly.

In some services provided to you after your registration or entry of your Personal Information with us, the access history reflecting your usage of our website may be recorded with other information that can identify you personally. However, we are committed to handling such access history or log in an appropriate manner as part of your Personal Information. We will clarify the purpose of usage on a service-by-service basis when we use your access information in a combined manner with your Personal Information for any purpose other than those described below:


Privacy Mark

We have been authorized by Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC), as a certified organization, to use the privacy mark, which certifies that we are a business organization properly handling Personal Information in compliance with JIS Q 15001, “Requirements for Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection”. Please refer to for more information.