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XMetaL, the XML editor for structured authoring helps your organization get to market faster with your information products by bringing structure and automation to managing high volumes of valuable content. Using industry standards including DITA, XMetaL enables content creators to efficiently create, collaborate, and reuse information that can be repurposed into the languages and formats your customers demand. Used standalone, or integrated with any of several leading content management and publishing systems, XMetaL can be used by writers and reviewers even without XML knowledge.

Key Benefits

  • Speed up time-to-market of all your information materials
  • Improve quality and accuracy of content across the global enterprise
  • Increase staff efficiency with content reuse
  • Reduce publishing costs

Learn more about the XMetaL solutions that support your content lifecycle

  • XMetaL Author Enterprise: for authors to create valid XML content using DITA or other XML architectures
  • XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop: for users to create XML content with unparalleled speed and ease while working with the market-leading enterprise content management system
  • XMAX: for subject matter experts to create valid XML content in an embedded interface within custom environments such as web publishing systems, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, web-based applications or other business applications
  • XMetaL Developer: for developers to customize XMetaL Author Enterprise to create a highly productive interface and processes
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Why is XMetaL the industry's top choice for XML and DITA-ready authoring?

  1. XMetaL’s extensibility enables you to integrate with content management and publishing systems to create an end-to-end solution—from authoring to reviewing, publishing, translation, and management. Its flexibility allows you to customize it to create a comfortable working environment—whether from desktop software, embedded in another application or inside a web browser.
  2. XMetaL is a leading pioneer in structured authoring and XML, having helped define today’s most important XML standards as members of W3C and OASIS. Our drive for continued excellence keeps you well-equipped to deliver the greatest possible value for today’s information-hungry economy.
  3. Industry-leading experts on our Services Team bring you years of experience to help you plan your content strategy and processes, and pass on best practices so you see a measurable impact to your business.