JustSystems Engineering Services

XMetaL products have a proven history of adapting to the needs of our customers. This is made possible by 1000+ API methods and properties for building custom scripts, a dialog editor for creating new dialogs, configuration files for selecting predefined software behaviors, a defined interface for interacting with your content repository, the ability to integrate third-party controls into the product, and support for menu and toolbar customization.

Examples of Engineering Services

  • Script development to streamline repetitive tasks and add functionality for power users.
  • Style sheet development for publishing with your corporate styles.
  • Output configuration for publishing for multiple languages.
  • CSS development to change the way documents are displayed in XMetaL.
  • Macros for pasting clipboard content from other applications into XMetaL Author or XMAX.
  • Enable/disable tracked changes based on the user’s role.
  • Custom dialogs for working with attributes and elements to make XML authoring more user-friendly.
  • Document validation against business rules that go beyond rules defined in a DTD or schema.
  • Remove menu items to simplify the user interface for occasional users.
  • Integrate XMetaL XMAX into your browser-based application to provide a validating XML editor with a wide variety of easily enabled functionality, such as spell checking, find and replace, track changes, and validation against a DTD or W3C schema.
  • Integrate third-party ActiveX controls for displaying specialized graphic formats in the XMetaL Author editor.
  • Connections to back-end systems using web service calls to retrieve document information.
  • CMS connector development.

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