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The copyrights of all materials (such as each design, picture and information) on JustSystems’ World Wide Web Server (“This Server”) are owned by JustSystems Corporation (“JustSystems”) or its suppliers. Also, the copyright of each page, as an aggregate of each material protected by copyright laws, is owned by JustSystems as a compilation or database work protected by copyright laws.

All of the users who access This Server may browse each page except for displaying in public for a commercial purpose. You may also download or print out each design, picture and information (“Material”) for personal, non-commercial, or internal use unless JustSystems separately limits or prohibits its use. You may not use each page or Material for a purpose or in a manner except as expressly permitted herein. Please note that you may not transmit or distribute copies of Materials which you download or print out to any other unspecified persons.



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Proposals and Offers

  1. In principle, JustSystems has the policy not to accept, from the third parties, any proposal and/or offer including, without limitation, ideas or technologies for JustSystems products, services and/or marketing (“Suggestion”) in order to avoid any possible future confusion or trouble because of unintended similarity between such Suggestion and JustSystems’ technology or product which is developed by JustSystems independently. So you are requested not to send any information that may contain suggestions.
  2. Despite the foregoing request, if you send your Suggestion to JustSystems, then such Suggestion will be treated upon the understanding that you agreed to the following terms:
    1. JustSystems does not have any obligations to the Suggestion, so JustSystems has no obligation to treat the Suggestion as confidential information.
    2. JustSystems has no obligation to reply to the Suggestion.
    3. In principle, JustSystems may return the Suggestion without evaluating it. If you do not receive the Suggestion despite JustSystems having returned it, JustSystems does not take any responsibility for it.
    4. Even if JustSystems happens to adopt any idea identical or similar to the Suggestion, JustSystems has no responsibility.


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