Integrate structured authoring capabilities for deployment across the enterprise.XMetaL® XMAX is an embeddable ActiveX component designed for developers to integrate into custom environments. Use XMAX wherever you need to create a lightweight, easy-to-use XML editor that you can deploy without the IT overhead of desktop installers— many global companies rely on thin-client XMAX-based components tightly integrated with dynamic web publishing systems, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, and other critical
business applications.

Key Benefits

  • Can be deployed in thin-client applications to make structured content
    more widely accessible with minimal IT costs
  • Empower non-technical contributors to create richly structured content,
    with minimal learning curve
  • Tightly integrate XML authoring capabilities into custom workflow
    applications and web publishing systems
  • Flexible concurrent-user licensing model allows users at different
    levels to view or edit XML content at any time, without needing to install a
    bulky desktop-based editor

New Features

  • Table-like editing for custom table models in addition to HTML and CALS table editing support
  • x64 customization debugging support in conjunction with the upcoming XMetaL Developer 11.0 release
  • New APIs
  • Customer defect repairs

Feature Highlights

Securely Access Content from Across the Enterprise

  • Deploy over a network in thin-client applications, typically running in
    an Internet Explorer web browser or custom purpose-built application.

Efficient Client Deployment

  • Provide valid XML content creation capabilities for any situation by embedding XMAX for use in any application supporting ActiveX.

Solid XML Authoring, High Usability

  • Work in a familiar word-processing interface while hiding the complexity
    of the underlying XML. XMAX includes ready-built features and XMAX can be
    configured to display parts or all of document using interactive forms, to
    make it even easier to capture information that fits naturally into forms.
  • The chameleon-like flexibility of XMAX makes it an ideal platform for
    delivering a minimal set of commands tailored to the needs of your users.
    XMAX-based applications can make XML authoring usable by everyone, even
    non-technical contributors, with virtually no XML learning curve.

Change Tracking

  • XMAX enables teams to collaborate efficiently with a familiar
    revision-marking feature. View revisions with color-coding, then accept or
    reject them with a button-click.

Standards-Based Development Platform

  • XMAX, as a native XML editor, can be used with any DTD or XML
    Schema, including custom schemas. Developers will appreciate how easy it
    is to customize XMAX by using standard scripting languages and CSS.