Policies & Packages

JustSystems will become the driving engine of your new and improved information process. We want to make sure that engine stays finely-tuned, giving you even more horsepower, greater control and improved efficiency as we push the boundaries of XML technology.

XMetaL Annual Maintenance Agreement

The Annual Maintenance Agreement ensures that your XMetaL product will be eligible for any new updates and upgrades for the next twelve months. The Annual Maintenance Agreement entitles you to:

  • Upgrade Protection: Staying current with maintenance entitles your organization to upgrades of the latest versionĀ of XMetaL.
  • Software Updates: Your designated contacts will receive alerts for free software updates including maintenance releases, service packs and documentation updates.
  • Technical Support: Unlimited access to XMetaL Technical Support via online support web form with email response within one business day.
  • Beta Program: Gain the opportunity to preview our newest products and influence future product features by providing your feedback and suggestions directly to our product team.

Please Note: Renewing your Annual Maintenance Agreement is also the best and least expensive way to protect your software investment. For the greatest benefit, access and uninterrupted service, stay current to keep our proven technology and our expertise working for you.