User Guides

XMetaL Customization Guide

Because XMetaL was engineered with maximum flexibility in mind there are no limits to the breadth of content solutions that developers can produce. Developers familiar with common Web technologies will instantly feel at home within the XMetaL interface, and will easily create and rapidly deploy any number of user interfaces that meet the needs of different roles, preferences and skill levels, or both.
Read the XMetaL Customization Guide (download (pdf)* or Microsoft HTML Help (chm) format) to learn more about the vast array of custom solutions that can be achieved with a little imagination and the right guidance.


XMetaL Developer Programmer’s Guide

XMetaL® Developer is the key to your organization’s ability to design and develop highly useable, powerful authoring systems – the kind of systems that can make successful XML authors out of even the most inexperienced of users. The Integrated Development Environment of XMetaL Developer gives your IT team the greatest power and flexibility on the market to solve your diverse authoring challenges. Read the XMetaL Developer Programmer’s Guide (download (pdf)* or Microsoft HTML Help (chm) format) to learn more about how the XMetaL Developer environment makes it easier to get programmers – and the authors they empower – productive, faster.

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