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The Art of Authoring – How to create perfect documentation with XMetaL and Congree

As a technical writer, you are not just “describing stuff”. You are creating sophisticated text, which always aims to be complete, easy to understand, well-structured, error-free and reusable. You have mastered this art, but it is a time-consuming and demanding process. This is why you write in XMetaL Author, which helps you to always use the correct structure and lets you focus less on layout and more on content. By using Congree you can even go a step further. While you create text, Congree reminds you of the style guide, technical term use and general writing rules in place at your company. Congree recommends the company’s own predefined sentences based on context or structure. Just like that–on the fly by seamlessly integrating into XMetaL Author. Join our webinar and see how XMetaL and Congree work together and how this powerful combination will help you to follow writing guidelines effortlessly so you can focus on what you really want to do: creating perfect documentation.

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Authoring, Managing, and Publishing Reusable and Customizable Content with Ease

The ability to create content that can be easily and cost-effectively reused, updated, customized, translated, published to multiple output formats, and automated is not a “nice-to-have” feature any more. It’s critical to delivering product content to your customers in the right way at the right time.

However, when it comes to content authoring, publishing, and management, there is often a trade-off between simplicity and features. Simple, easy-to-use tools may lack powerful features, while full-featured products may be too complicated.

Join Tom Magliery of JustSystems, the makers of XMetaL XML Editor, and Alex Masycheff of Intuillion, the makers of DITAToo DITA CMS to see how a content authoring, management, and publishing solution can be simple, powerful, and affordable at the same time. You’ll see how to:

  • Instantly and automatically convert your legacy documentation from MS Word
  • Move and rename files and folders while all links are updated automatically
  • Create and update content without having to deal with the complexity of the content model
  • Automatically find potentially reusable content and replace it with reusable components
  • Reuse entire projects
  • Publish to multiple formats
  • Collaborate with your team members

… and much more

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XML Publishing Fast Easy with XMetaL & tekReader

Whether you’re starting from scratch and looking to reap the rewards of using XML or have XML now and are scratching your head because it all got too complicated, this webinar will show you how fast and easy it should be.

FAST: Leverage XMetaL with tekReader and see end to end automation become a reality.

EASY: Strip away the complexity and keep only what is needed to communicate.

The teams from JustSystems (XMetaL) and eGloo Technologies (tekReader) have brought together products that leverage modern practice in technology and fused this with decades of experience to professionally deliver mission critical content of any complexity.

Practices that include XML, Progressive Web Apps, Cloud Computing, Continuous Integration and DevOps.

All focused on delivering true end to end automation so your reader can see revisions in seconds in a truly device-agnostic experience.

And that’s just the beginning once you realize you’re working with a web app. This promises to be a Webinar that will blow your toques off (eh)!

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XMetaL and TopLeaf – Making DITA publishing easy

TopLeaf is a professional DITA and XML publishing system from Turn-Key Systems. TopLeaf stylesheet development tools make it easy to create and maintain stylesheets for DITA content. With TopLeaf you do not need programming skills to build powerful and efficient stylesheets. A single TopLeaf stylesheet can be used to publish your content in PDF, HTML, RTF, eBook and CHM formats.

Topics covered in this forty minute webinar include:

  • The XMetaL-TopLeaf plugin
  • TopLeaf page layout tool
  • TopLeaf tag mapping tool
  • TopLeaf Mapping Assistant
  • Single source publishing to PDF, HTML, RTF, CHM and eBook

You will see how TopLeaf’s iterative stylesheet development and preview techniques make it easy to style your content and get it into production quickly, and you’ll find out that TopLeaf is easy on your budget as well.

TopLeaf works with XMetaL Enterprise version 7 or later.

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Introducing XMetaL Author Enterprise 10

Recently we announced the release of XMetaL Author Enterprise 10. Join us now for a look at what’s new. In this short webinar we will show demos of the major new features, including:

  • DITA 1.3 support, including scoped keys, new topic types, new domains, and more
  • Support for right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi)
  • Schematron validation support (business rule validation)
  • Text Casing Assistant
  • Automatic DITA reuse refactoring


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