JustSystems Product Training

Ensure that your staff have the skills they need to succeed and thrive with XML and XMetaL. Product training delivered by experts with years of experience can make a world of difference to the success of your XML implementation.


XMetaL Author Enterprise DITA End User Training

This three-day hands-on course will enable your authors to create the content that’s essential to your organization. The course is delivered on-site and is tailored to the specific needs of your organization to ensure students get the appropriate depth of exposure to the skills they will use the most. The lab exercises are customized to use your own documentation, reinforcing the relevance of the material with content that is already familiar to the participants. Up to 12 students can be accommodated per class.


XMetaL Developer Training

During this three-day course you’ll learn all the techniques available to customize XMetaL Author or XMAX, from configuration files to harnessing the power of 1000+ API properties and methods to control detailed aspects of the software’s behavior. Based on the development work you need to perform we will tailor the course content to fit your needs. This course is delivered on-site and can accommodate up to six students.

The topics for the course are drawn from the following:

A popular option is to schedule two days of consulting with the three-day course. This will give you time to work side-by-side with your XMetaL consultant to brainstorm designs and develop working prototype code for the customizations you need to develop.


Custom Training

Let us know what you need. We want everyone to be productive and confident using our software. In the past we’ve done a variety of different custom training engagements: