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XML is a fast-advancing technology that is only growing more powerful, diverse and far-reaching. Take advantage of the work we do on your behalf – the proactive evolution of the JustSystems products and its functionality.

Release: XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0SP1 and XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0SP1 (Japanese)

Highlights include:

  • Over 30 customer-reported defects have been repaired
  • New background spell checking provides improvement on overall editing performance.
  • Improved compatible for customers with McAfee’s Anti-virus software and their ScriptScan feature enabled.

Release: XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0

Highlights of new features include:

  • Support for XML Inclusions (XInclude). XMetaL can display text or XML
    content included by via the XML inclusions (XInclude) mechanism.
  • “Treat as Links” Platform Enhancements. For non-DITA XMetaL users
    this functionality provides the ability to designate attributes as a link,
    allowing users to browse to the target.
  • Background Spell Check and Auto-correct. Authors will be able to see
    right away whether a word they’ve just typed is potentially misspelled. XMetaL
    will have an option to flag potential misspellings in real-time, by displaying a
    wavy red underline beneath each misspelled word.
  • Schema (XSD) Support. Industry standard doctypes that use xs:redefine
    can now be handled by XMetaL. Also, XMetaL no longer requires included schemas
    to use the same target namespace as the master schema (otherwise known as
    ‘chamelon schema’). XMetaL will open documents using XML Schema (XSDs) that use
    the xs:redefine feature.
  • WebHelp Output Format. Similar to the CHM format, WebHelp outputs
    files with a Table of Contents, Index and Search. Unlike CHM these files are
    useable on any platform and with any browser.

Please refer to the release notes for additional details (release notes included with the software).

NOTE: If you are upgrading from version 5.5 of XMetaL Author: After uninstalling XMetaL Author 5.5, please delete the C:/Program Files/Corel/Shared/XMetaL/Writing/ Tools/10.0 folder before installing XMetaL Author 6.0. If you forget to delete this folder before installing, please read this for further instructions.

If you are using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.x: After installing XMetaL Author 6.0, please download and install the patch described here.

Release: XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.5 SP1 and XMetaL Author Essential 5.5 SP1

Highlights include:

XMetaL Reviewer integration enhancements:

  • ‘View Attachment’ option provides authors with a simple means to access auxiliary documents added using XMetaL Reviewer.
  • Reviewing now includes display of DITA conref content. Using the new ‘Save with Reviewer Data’ option in XMetaL Author Enterprise, authors can specially prepare DITA content with all conref content resolved. Images are also adjusted for automatic import into XMetaL Reviewer and the feature works with any XMetaL Connector-enabled CMS.

Please refer to the release notes for additional details.

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XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.5 SP1 (8.63 MB)
XMetaL Author Essential 5.5 SP1 (8.08 MB)