Capture Greater Market Share Faster With Simultaneous Global Shipment

In an increasingly commoditized market, simultaneous shipment of product, marketing and documentation content in local languages gives organizations a competitive edge, the ability to realize immediate revenues in every region, greater market share and faster growth.

Achieving these benefits poses significant challenges to large global organizations needing to provide more languages in more output formats, while maintaining or reducing current resources and budgets. In order to maintain a consistent message in all languages and media, you need the ability to effectively manage source content, localized content, and all of the various publications and outputs that contain that content.

XMetaL for Global Content: Topic Localization for Multilingual Reuse

To address these global publishing needs, XMetaL enables you to abandon “whole document” practices with a topic-oriented approach to managing the content lifecycle — which can save 40-70% or more in localization costs. Instead of authoring and managing content in the final document deliverables, XMetaL for Global Content enables you to develop in more granular “topics” that can be reused and assembled into different combinations for publishing.

Replacing conventional localization processes with this unique solution, the impact on your business can be measured almost immediately.

  • Launch products simultaneously worldwide to capitalize on immediate revenue in every region and capture market share faster
  • Reduce localization costs by 40-70%
  • Accelerate time-to-market with an 80% improvement in review and approval cycle times
  • Significantly improve productivity by eliminating redundant development and unnecessary translation and desktop publishing
  • For software vendors, release software around the world at the same time as the original version to reduce the negative effects of software piracy
  • Gain control over a clean, verified and consistent global message and brand

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